Saturday, January 28, 2012

me kissing Lady Hystereo

Jennifer Lady Hystereo Rodriguez was a coworker at a former job. She's still in retail and I sometimes drop in on her and see what's up. Today, she got some sugar.

When Jennifer isn't selling stuff, she's making music. She's even signed to an independent record label in England under the name Hystereo Death (hence "Lady Hystereo"). She's been known to fly across the pond to perform. As I like to say, "shes' big in Bath."

She's also quick-witted, quirky, and a little more knowledgeable about Star Trek than you may find comfortable. Or else you will have long conversations about the differences between Romulon and Federation phasers.

I had to kiss her several times to get picture that wasn't completely out of focus. After loading this onto the computer and looking at it full size, it's still a little blurry. Well, there's no rules about not doing a second photo somewhere down the road . . .

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