Friday, January 13, 2012

me kissing Bridget

Well, it was a bit of an adventure, really.

Bridget Lois Jenson had asked me earlier in the week if I wanted to join her for some art event this evening. Sure. I'm always excited when someone else has the idea to go to an art event. (I'm usually the one scouting around for a companion to these things.) But of course, being Houstonians, neither of us thought to make reservations---and they were sold out. So we decided to see if there was a movie at the new Sundance Cinema we have downtown. There were a couple of movies we would have seen except they started later than we wanted to stay up. (I have to get up early in the morning.) We saw something was going on at a nearby performance venue and we had time to maybe get in there if it was something we wanted to do. It wasn't.

So our evening out was really just parking and going from venue to venue, seeing what we could get into and ended up getting into nothing.

But Bridget is a good friend and we had fun laughing at ourselves. And in the end, I gave her a kiss in the underground parking garage. I've had much worse evenings.


  1. I'd wanted to make a face of some kind when you kissed me, but my smile was the most genuine expression. I'm relieved that you didn't see the evening as just a series of missed opportunities, but also as an adventure. In the end, I think this kiss is an appropriate picture; part of loving people is forgiving their mistakes and I see this as you forgiving me for not having been more prepared for the evening and that you'll be willing to try another adventure another day.

  2. If we had missed something that I was just dying to see, maybe I'd have been grumpier about it all. Maybe. But as it was, it was an evening planned because you suggested it, so in my head it was an evening with Bridget. I got that. No missed opportunity there.

  3. Hanging out with a dear friend, laughing.... sounds like a pretty good Friday night.