Friday, January 6, 2012

me kissing Donna

Ran into Donna tonight at a dance event. She let me kiss her. She's a friend and dancer and choreographer and colleague. We're cooking something up for later this year. But for now, I just get to kiss her.


  1. Love it. I pretty much hug everyone I can outside of a business setting (handshakes are for business, not personal greetings). Over time, I've started kissing the people I know on the top of the head, forehead, or sometimes on the cheek. It's gotten to where it feels natural, and I now know people who kiss back (especially guys, which is pretty dang cool in our faux macho society..

    Go, neil!

  2. It was dreamy! Although, I'd rather think of it as 'passing the sweetness'. I was honored to be the recipient of your sweetness. - Donna