Monday, May 21, 2012

me kissing Jane

This is the fabulous Jane Weiner. She is the president and CEO of the fabulous Hope Stone Inc. There's a lot of fabulosity swirling around her.

Jane had a fabulous (last one, I promise) career as a dancer in New York with the Doug Elkins Dance Company---which sounds like her career is over, but of course it's not. She moved to Houston and set to work building up Hope Stone, which has a full schedule of dance classes for all ages as well as a professional dance company. I don't know how you'd measure such things, but she's got to have one of the more active dance lives in Houston.

I posted on facebook recently that I'm always a bit surprised when I mention Hope Stone to a Houstonian and they don't know what I'm talking about. Intellectually I know that dance is one of the least recognized (and funded) art forms in contemporary culture, and yet, Hope Stone does so much. Go to their website and see. And then go see a performance. You should know Hope Stone, wherever you are, but especially if you're in Houston.

Oh, and I just noticed that Jane is my 50th kiss! Huh. You'd think there'd be a prize to go with that, but I guess not.

me kissing Amy

Meet Amy Llanes. I just did. She's another dancer/choreographer. I know, I know.

Amy is the artistic director of Rednerrus Feil Dance Company. They're new(ish) to Houston and I have to admit, they're new to me. I look forward to learning more about her and her work.

And the only other thing I know about Amy is she's not keen on having her picture taken, so I'm lucky to have her on this blog.

It's only the beautiful people who are camera shy.

me kissing Susan

This is Susan. I only just met her at the Photobooth on Montrose. All I really know about her is that she's an actor, writer, dancer . . . and that she rocks a pair of red, knee-high boots. And that maybe we should talk about some collaborative efforts. I can't see the future and we just met. (That should be a line in a song, yes?)

I should also mention that this photo was taken by Simon Gentry, proprietor of the Photobooth on Montrose. As you'll see throughout this blog, it's not really a photography blog so much as a kissing blog, and so the photos all kinds of amateur snapshot kind of things. Simon couldn't stand it, though. He took hold of my little pocket digital camera and took this (and the next two entries) saying,  "This is how you take a picture of a kiss."

So here you go, a professionally shot kiss with an amateur camera.