Monday, May 21, 2012

me kissing Susan

This is Susan. I only just met her at the Photobooth on Montrose. All I really know about her is that she's an actor, writer, dancer . . . and that she rocks a pair of red, knee-high boots. And that maybe we should talk about some collaborative efforts. I can't see the future and we just met. (That should be a line in a song, yes?)

I should also mention that this photo was taken by Simon Gentry, proprietor of the Photobooth on Montrose. As you'll see throughout this blog, it's not really a photography blog so much as a kissing blog, and so the photos all kinds of amateur snapshot kind of things. Simon couldn't stand it, though. He took hold of my little pocket digital camera and took this (and the next two entries) saying,  "This is how you take a picture of a kiss."

So here you go, a professionally shot kiss with an amateur camera.

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