Wednesday, January 18, 2012

me kissing jhon

It was a chance meeting after a long day at work. On the train, I looked up. Across the rush-hour crowd, our eyes met.

But that's another story. It just so happened that jhon r. stronks got on the same train I was on. We chatted, asked what each other was doing, and then I had a brilliant idea. Asked him which was his stop. I asked if I could follow him off the train, find a lighted spot (it was already dark out, of course) and give him a peck on the cheek. Sensing my desperation and the potential for an ugly scene, he agreed. Right there, in front of the Ensemble Theater, I gave him a little sugar.

I should say, jhon is a choreographer and dancer whose career I've been following for a few years. All silliness aside, I do think he's one of the best modern dance choreographers in Houston (or Atlanta, or wherever he happens to be---he's a bit on the nomadic side). And besides all that, he's a super swell guy. 

It certainly was an after work pick-me-up to run into him.