Wednesday, February 1, 2012

me kissing Maria Cristina

 So I was at DiverseWorks briefly tonight for a little meet and greet event. Of course, I was being my usual wallflowery self and just sort of exploring the current installation (A Crack in Everything) which I had seen two weeks ago with performers cavorting through it. I love this sort of thing and there's so much about this particular piece that intrigues me but I can't formulate a solid response to it, yet.

But that's another story.

As I'm exploring this fabric, on which is projected video, a lovely woman comes up to me and starts talking about the installation. Turns out she's Maria Cristina Jadick, a member of the DW artist board. We begin talking a bit about our work and I mentioned my blogs and next thing you know I'm asking if I can kiss her. She said okay.

And so I've broken through the barrier of asking a stranger for blog content. Of course, this only encourages me.

But I'm also glad to make her acquaintance. Click on her name above and explore her website. Some good, challenging, work to be seen there. I hope we cross paths again.

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