Thursday, February 23, 2012

me kissing Denise

This is Denise. She's yet another cast member of Framing Bodies: LOVE ME. I'm going to be lazy and tell you to find all the associated links in the last post.

But about Denise. You can probably tell by her expression that she carries with her a certain joie de vivre. She's not just acting here.

I was also able to trick her into participating in a work-in-progress performance installation last fall. We moved together, improvising, inside a box taped off on the floor. There were tiny mirrors, but not enough. Hence the work-in-progress status. I have a DVD of it and I think we look rather good together. We need to find a place to do this installation again, with more mirrors and a couple of other tweaks. It seems Denise is up for again being tricked into my hair-brained performance schemes. I like that in a person. I like that a whole lot.

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