Thursday, February 23, 2012

me kissing Nichelle

This evening, the Archway Gallery hosted another showing of Framing Bodies: LOVE ME , the dance film from Frame Dance Productions. I was in it and I think I've already kissed half the cast.

Nichelle Strzepek is another cast member from the film, but she holds a special spot in the film. She was something like 20 months pregnant when we shot the thing. It was in July, in Houston, and we were all so very hot. How in the world she did it, I just don't know.

But obviously, she lived to tell the tale and as you can tell from the photo, she is none the worse for wear.

Nichelle holds another distinction in the Houston dance community. She is one of the most active and informative dance bloggers in town and probably a good distance out of town, too. Her Dance Advantage site is chock full of information about dance, especially in regards to dance education. Have a question about selecting a dance studio for class, for yourself or for your child, about what to expect from a dance curriculum and just about anything else dance ed related? If Nichelle doesn't have an answer, she probably knows who does.

But she probably has the answer. Go explore her site. You'll be surprised by what you didn't know but will be glad to learn.

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