Sunday, February 12, 2012

me kissing Alex

Again with the dancers. Well, I was at the Jewish Community Center tonight for their Motion Captured screening of dance films and so I was, again, surrounded by dancers. It's a hard life.

Alex Soares is a dancer, choreographer, and dance film superstar, to judge his appearances in them. At tonight's screening, he was in two. Granted, he's in the company of Frame Dance Productions, which makes dance films (and they let me in one last year---so I can say I've danced with Alex), so that creates a few possibilities, but besides tonight's Frame Dance offering (Satin Stitch), he was also in Ashley Horn's Drain. (I kissed Ashley a few weeks ago.)

Currently, Alex is in rehearsals for the next Frame Dance live performance and working in the studio on his own choreography as part of a HopeWerks Space Grant. He'll be premiering that March 24 at Hope Stone.

He's a busy guy, but if you saw him onstage or on film, you'd know why. Which is to say, you should see him on stage or on film.

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