Monday, April 2, 2012

me kissing Jillie

This superstar poet Jill Alexander Essbaum.


Well, Jillie and I have been friends for a while and when I briefly ran a micropress, I published one of her volumes of poetry. We used to go to the same church and would be the giggly teenagers in the pew, despite being old enough to know better.

She's repeat offender in Poetry Magazine. (I! KNOW!) and she teaches at the low residency MFA in creative writing program at UC Riverside.  So, yeah, superstar poet. You should pay her to read at your college or wherever. She's an awesome reader of her work. And it's good. Just beware of age-appropriateness. She writes a lot about Jesus and sex, not (usually) at the same time, but those are her two main themes. Not for the easily offended. Still, if you have an adult audience for poetry, you should totally bring her in. She's read all over the U.S, so maybe you've already heard her.

Anyway, that's my superstar poet friend, Jillie S-Bomb. I sometimes call her Frieda.

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