Friday, April 27, 2012

me kissing Jess

This is Jess. He's about to graduate from UH with a degree in math and physics or something really smart like that. I admit I can't keep up.

I got to know Jess when he started dating my friend Lura, who I kissed a couple of months ago. They're super cute together, arguing over who is the bigger dork. I'm sure I could call that match, personally, but it's fun to watch.

He's planning a graduation party, which he says requires everyone come cross-dressed. I've never done drag, personally, but I did hear myself saying if I could find something slinky with spaghetti straps (because I just don't think I have what it takes to keep up anything strapless), I'd go to his party---but I wasn't shaving anything I didn't already normally shave. This seems to suit him and Lura just fine.

As luck would  have it, I think I'm busy that night anyway.

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