Monday, April 2, 2012

me kissing Kate

Well, dang it, I have two takes on me kissing Kate, and both of them were a little blurry. This is the better of the two, though, and since she's 3 hours away, I'm going with it.

Kate is a dancer, choreographer, teacher . . . well, I've written about the school she and Kathy Dunn Hamrick run for Dance Studio Life. Go read that. And I was in Austin to see the debut performance of her new company, Circuitous Dance/Kate Warren, and I interviewed her about that on my seldom updated Orts on Arts blog. I probably said all I need to say about her in that other blog, so I'll hold off gushing here.

Except to say that if you missed the first performances of Circuitous Dance, you should be crying. It was a wonderful show. It was thoroughly a modern dance performance, steeped in precise technique and detail, and big on the ideas and emotion. She has a group of lovely dancers who have committed to working together for 3 years and they were off to a super-fine start.

(After kissing so many Houston dancers, it was great to get to Austin and kiss a couple of dancers there, which I'll post in the next day or two . . . so, yeah, dancers seem to be the established overriding theme of this blog . . .)

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