Friday, April 27, 2012

me kissing Hal

This is Hal Core! (He asked for the exclamation point, and I'm nothing if not accommodating to my kissees.)

Hal is a friend I've gotten to know through my Lutheran circles, although we don't go to the same church. The main thing I know about Hal is that we share a little too much knowledge of comics superheroes. I've seldom been so envious as I was the time he posted on Facebook a picture of himself at a comics convention next to someone in a very good Nightwing costume.

If you recognize Hal, you probably fly a lot. Or, maybe now that you've seen him, you'll start flying more. Just be aware, he's in a long term relationship. They share a dog and everything. Don't go wrecking a home with a dog. Okay? Okay.

1 comment:

  1. Jeepers, Mr. Kisser,it is an honor to make it on your blog! And we share more than an affinity for superheroes/heroines - we'll always have that night of liturgical dancing at Grace... ; )