Tuesday, April 3, 2012

me kissing Cherami

Another fuzzy photo from my Austin trip. I'm fairly certain I have to take full responsibility for the fuzziness of this. I was so off-balance in the pose I probably shook the whole hose. You'll note Cherami looks much more natural in the pose.

Cherami Conley Steadman. is another dancer. Yes, you can tell by the pose. It was her idea to have the full body pose pose for our kiss. And, of course, we're super cute, right?

I first saw Cherami dance in 2003 when she was the newest member of the Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company.  I was in Chicago at the time, and I remember getting an email from Kathy, telling me about this new dancer she had. I wish I could find that email because Kathy described her as, I think, "a young colt of a woman." She certainly was full of energy and enthusiasm. When I finally saw her dance, I could see why Kathy hired her. Energy of a young colt? Yes, but very focused, I thought. Very precise in her execution.

This is my favorite Cherami story. It was towards the end of her stay in the KDHDC, when I went to see them perform in Austin. I couldn't find Cherami in the company. I kept watching for her because I loved her dancing so much and I kept thinking, "where's Cherami? I thought Cherami was going to be in this show." Meanwhile, there was one woman with very short cropped hair that I kept being drawn to. She was phenomenal! I watched her and thought, "Wow, where did Kathy get this dancer, she's awesome!":

Of course, after the show, I go backstage to see Kathy and the dancers and I see the buzz-cut woman walking towards us and I finally recognize Cherami. Which just goes to show you, I really did find her to be a fine dancer, even when I didn't recognize her!

She's now in Circuitous Dance / Kate Warren and is also an independent choreographer. If you see she's on a bill somewhere, make it a priority. She's still an awesome dancer.

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