Wednesday, March 14, 2012

me kissing Adia

Adia Major is a former co-worker. She recently took another position and I miss her quite a lot.

When I started my current job, Adia was the one that I had that immediate vibe about, that "this will be my work buddy" vibe. And so she was. Until she abandoned me at the end of last year.

But it's okay. It's a good move for her. "Don't worry about me," I say, "I'll be fine."

Playful passive aggression aside, she really is a very cool person. She's served in the Peace Corps. It doesn't get much cooler than that. She's looking great (obviously) and seems really happy in her new job.

She's considering pursuing a new profession and I know someone already in that profession, so I arranged for all of us to get together for dinner. Obviously, that was all just a ploy so I could see her again and give her a little sugar.

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