Sunday, March 11, 2012

me kissing Norola

I met Norola Morgan last summer when she and I were in the cast of Framing Bodies: LOVE ME, the dance film by Frame Dance Productions. She says it was her first experience performing in that way, but nobody could prove it from looking at her.

He main creative outlet is making art dolls. I actually haven't seen any in person, but I intend to soon. She has some on display at Zen Art Space in the Galleria. I'm usually in the Galleria once a week or so, so I have no excuse to not go see them.

I met with her and Donna (the first one I kissed, back in January) today to talk about a project for the fall. It was an energizing meeting, with many ideas bounced about. It's a bit too early to announce anything, but it's going to be fun. Great even.

I also have to post this:
This is a photo of part of the form I ask my kissees to sign. Norola not only signed it, she sealed it, so to speak. (I obscured most of her signature to prevent those of you who would go around writing bad checks, forging her name. You know who you are and I'm not facilitating your crime spree!) It made me laugh. And it tells you something about Norola---and why I'm excited to work with her in the fall.

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