Wednesday, March 14, 2012

me kissing Aaron

I've only just met Aaron C Coleman in the last couple of months. He's participating in this spring's Fieldwork session.

What I know so far is that he's retired from the medical field and now pursues songwriting and other such creative endeavors. I've only heard two songs so far, each I would describe as fitting in a pop/folk vibe. One he sang with a recorded music track (which I believe he produced, but I don't know everything) and one he sang accompanying himself on a guitar. The guitar performance was the one that really captured me, as I've been known to hang out in coffee shops and listen to singer/songwriters do their thing. Aaron would would fit quite comfortably in some of the better venues.

Beyond that, I can't say I know what the story is on Aaron. But I'm pretty sure he has one. I look forward to learning more.


  1. are a character. I love characters.
    I'm glad our mutual friend, Margo Toombs invited me to Fieldworks. Aaron

  2. Me, too! ;-) Hot Margo