Saturday, March 10, 2012

me kissing Andrea

This is Andrea Tabor. She's the reason I got to kiss Lady Evette and Alex. I ran into her, as I said in earlier posts, at Avant Garden, where I was experiencing the Lone Star Performance Explosion.

Andrea and I used to work together in my bookseller days. In fact, she was one of my managers. I liked her anyway. I hadn't seen her in over a year and we talked books and other gossip. Rattle rattle rattle. So much fun.

You can tell she likes me. She has something like an actual expression on her face. Her usual pose for pictures is a deadpan stare at the camera.

My only disappointment with this picture is that you can't see her red hair very well. It was dark in Avant Garden. But it was awesome to see her again. It would have been awesome to see her again even if she hadn't let me kiss her for the camera.

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