Tuesday, August 7, 2012

me kissing Sari

So, I'm cooking up this project for the spring, a performance installation that will need large screens of fabric. I'd been to one fabric store, looking at stuff and really, I don't know much about fabric.

Then it hit me. Sari Frey is a textiles artist. I'd actually met Sari only once, well over a year ago, but we've been Facebook friends for a couple of years. My friend Misha Penton, who I kissed a couple of months ago, introduced us in cyberspace.

So I messaged Sari and asked if she was interested in a project. She said she was. We met at Inversion coffee to talk about it and depending upon all the chaos that life brings, it looks like we'll collaborating on this thing come spring.

But all that is nearly beside the point. We had a good visit. Besides this project, we talked about vocation and art and other frustrations and joys.

And then as we got ready to leave, I kissed her.

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