Friday, August 10, 2012

me kissing Brit

It's a little bit shocking that I'm only just now kissing Brit Wallis. She's one of my favorite dancers in Houston. But don't tell her that. As you can see from that pose, she already has a little bit of an attitude.

I've seen her dance for Toni Leago Valle (who was my first "me kissing you" kiss). She's danced with Frame Dance (I think I've kissed close to all the dancers in that company---hence my shock that I'm just now getting to Brit). Here, she's just come off stage from a lovely evening in Hope Stone's Lemonade Stand. Those are the companies I know of for sure. It's too late tonight to go researching all the companies she's danced for and you wouldn't have time to read it all anyway.

I will say just a little bit more. She has an angular way about her. I'm not sure I can describe better than that. She's also a precise dancer. In Frame Dance Productions show a few months ago, Context, she has some quick movements to make, choreography that could have easily become visually muddy, but her angular precision made it breathtaking to watch.

Yeah, I don't know why I'm just now kissing Brit. I love to watch her dance. That attitude and all.

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  1. Brit loves to be affectionate with friends but she hates to pose for photos (hence the eye-roll) preferring spontaneity. You're lucky to have gotten this cute shot with her! Also, I think you'll agree she has the softest cheeks in the world.