Sunday, August 26, 2012

me kissing against malaria

 So tonight, Grace Lutheran Church had a fundraiser variety show, proceeds going to the ELCA Malaria Campaign. The show was called DragNet Follies. Grace is in the heart of Montrose, the traditionally LGBT neighborhood of Houston, and they knew they would have several drag performers in the show. Since they were raising money for mosquito nets, they hit on the idea of DragNet. Clever, no? I thought so.
Since this little blog has had some popularity, I offered to do kisses for tips to add a few more dollars to the total for the night. I mostly ended up kissing performers and friends who came out to see the show (some of whom I've kissed before). I also relaxed the rules a smidgen and let a couple of people kiss me. For charity, rules can take a hike.
  I'm not identifying the people in these photos. For one thing, I didn't get my usual permissions to do so, mostly because the evening was a little fast paced for all that and I announced I wouldn't in hopes of encouraging some shy folks to kiss against malaria. (For a drag audience, they were a little reserved. Well, many were my people---Lutherans---so there you go.)  So I invite those kissed to identify themselves in the comments below.
 Or, if you kissees prefer, I'll be glad to re-post your photo as an individual post. For tonight, it just felt like this group belonged together, recognizing all these folks who came out to support a good cause.


  1. This is Hal, I'm the 5th kissee from the top. I was techie guy for this evening's DragNet, wearing my lighted headgear to see in the dark...Thanks, Neil, for all your support to the worthy cause of fighting malaria in Africa. "YOU light up MY DragNet", mwuahh!

  2. Koomah here, Bearlesque cub 'o love in the last pic! Thanks for your contribution through the kissing booth! :)

  3. Bridget here, third from the top.
    I think the occasions when I end up on Neil's kissing blog are testaments to his willingness for adventure and his being a good sport. Last time it was when I invited him to a performance, thinking there would be tickets at the door, but it ended up being sold out. The evening turned into a kind of entertainment scavenger hunt; though we came up empty handed, it was fun just being together.

    This time, I was once again doing a kind of entertainment scavenger hunt, looking for acts to be part of our variety show at church. Sounding pitiful enough in my pleas asking Neil to participate, he agreed. Not only that, he offered a kissing booth with tips going to the cause for which we were raising money.
    Thanks Neil for being such a good sport and for lending your professionalism to our very amateur show.