Sunday, November 25, 2012

me kissing Alice and Alan

Meet Alice and Alan Berecka. This is still at the Blue Rock Review soiree. Alan is a poet and has a poem in the new volume (and two previous volumes). I've known them a few years and I had the distinct honor of publishing Alan's first full volume of poetry, The Comic Flaw (back when I was a publisher).

There are probably any number of tales I could tell you about Alan, but mostly because he tells them so much better in his poetry.

However, I'll share this one, just because it's fresh.

After the Blue Rock party, I followed Alice and Alan to San Marcos to eat dinner (at an old college haunt, Grins!) and while we were there, they just casually mentioned that the day previous had been their wedding anniversary. I either said "Congratulations" or was about to when they confessed, "We both forgot about it until the evening."

Honestly? That's the kind of married person I want to be---to both forget the wedding anniversary and both be able to laugh about it.

They are good people I don't see nearly enough.

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