Tuesday, October 2, 2012

me kissing Sabra

Another birthday eve kiss (see previous post for the head gear explanation). This is Sabra Yarbrough. That Wanderland dance film I mentioned last post? Sabra's in it, too. She teaches tango. I'm going to take a lesson sometime soon.

Sabra and I dance together a bit in Wanderland. I was awkward and stepped on her at least once, but only in rehearsal, I think. She has cats, but I won't say how many lest you judge her (although I aspire to her level of cat ownership).

She did look at me crazy when I said I wanted peach cobbler without ice cream. But I love peaches and I love peach cobbler, and ice cream, as much as I love it, just sort of gets in the way of the peach flavor. And it's my birthday, I can have my cobbler how I want it. So I did. I can handle a little crazy eye from Sabra. I know she's (mostly) playing in her judgment over my dessert choices.

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