Monday, June 11, 2012

me kissing Mary Margaret and Bennie

Ah, college reunions. All about breaking rules.

Yeah, so I went to a reunion of the theater department of Southwest Texas State University (from way back when that's what it was called). I went specifically because Mary Margaret McNorton (which was not the last name I knew 25 years ago) said she was going. I don't know if I've seen her since we graduated. We did an awful lot of theater together, mostly off campus at The Bastrop Opera House. And she didn't want a kiss on the cheek. Mary Margaret is hard to refuse, and really, we have too much history to fight. So much for my rule about pecks on the cheek.

Don't worry, men, we were theater majors. We're only acting.

 This was the first time I'd met her husband, Bennie, although we'd already become Facebook friends. Mary Margaret found herself a keeper here, I think. We shared a disdain for the noise level in Cheatham Street Warehouse. We spent a lot of our conversation saying, "What?" He was also more willing to abide by my rule about pecks on the cheek.

Here's a photo of us from the summer of 1985. It's a scan of a Bastrop Opera House brochure and so it's crooked--the stage wasn't really slanted--but it's still a great (melo)dramatic moment in theater history, I think you'll agree.

I was glad to see other people at the reunion, but Mary Margaret got me there. We laughed, we reminisced, we kissed. Good times.


  1. OMG, Neil, I LOVE this...and the scan from the brochure? Awesome...good times, pal. Good times...

  2. she knows better than to gesture like that with her DOWNSTAGE arm!!!